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RussBuss415 – When I Get There

No ratings yet. Great original song, even if he spells UkeToob the low class way…. YouTube Channel: RussBuss415 His Notes: In honor of Chinese New Year. Check out the Bring The Song Challenge website: Please rate this Video Rating

Howlin’ Hobbit – For an Old Man

No ratings yet. Looking and sound good…. YouTube Channel: HowlinHobbit His Notes: This is a tune written by my friend, Jim Nason. Contact him here: I’ve blogged about it so if you want all the gritty details, go here:… I’m playing my lovely Mainland Classic Mahogany Soprano ukulele, its first appearance in any […]

UncleJeff64 – Sugar High

No ratings yet. I have been woefully neglectful of Uncle Jeff, who is not only one of my favorite ukers, but a damn fine fellow to boot.  He put out an album some months ago, and I promised him a feature, but just haven’t been able to scrape the time together to do it right.  […]

Lila Burns – Witching Hour

No ratings yet. Quickly becoming my favorite performer…. YouTube Channel: lololobotomy Her Notes: new song written/recorded in a day :] woke myself up at 3 in the morning sleep talking bout things that i should know by now, but will tell myself later cos i don’t know how so i guess i’ll wait for the […]

Rocky and Balls – The Break-Up Song

No ratings yet. Always fun…. YouTube Channel: RockyandBalls Their Notes: Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. Lyrics: A A7 D Dm Dont worry, i’m not crying there’s just something in my eye A A7 D Dm It’s fine that you dont love me, and i’m glad you told me why A Dbdim D Cdim […]

KTDAngelo – Moonpie in the Sky

No ratings yet. True story – my wife got in trouble in kindergarten for flushing her still wrapped moonpie and backing up the plumbing day after day – only tangentially related to this great song by the word moonpie, but how often do you get a chance to tell a story like that…. YouTube Channel: […]

Danielle Ate the Sandwich – 17 and 53

No ratings yet. One of my favorites from the new album…. YouTube Channel: DaniellesMagic Her Notes: Danielle ‘Ate the Sandwich’ Anderson-Vocals, Ukulele Chris J.-Violin, Vocals Dennis B.-Bass, Vocals This song is on my album, Two Bedroom Apartment! You can buy the song, or the entire album! Physical copies of the CD on my website… […]

Krabbers – Pirbright Village Pond Blues

No ratings yet. Krabbers taking the indifference of the local wildlife personally…. YouTube Channel: krabbers His Notes: pirbright village pond blues pirbright is a short walk from my house, it is a lovely little village with a couple of good pubs , a park and a pond its a great place to go and chill […]

ShaniFawni – Hey Boy

No ratings yet. With her own song this time…. YouTube Channel: shanifawni Lyrics: hey boy its time to wake up even though this neighborhood is still cement and carefully planned trees yeah i dont know what to do either this place isnt what we dreamed it last night last night when we dreamed it there […]

Lila Burns – Again and Again

No ratings yet. Another original from a real talent…. YouTube Channel: lololobotomy Her Notes: finally had a chance to record something, winter break rocks every time i want to slow down things just get faster every deeper breath we take just makes the air a little thinner this apparent contradiction is a blessing and affliction […]

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