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Ken Middleton – The Water is Wide

5/5 (4) Sorry for the long time between posts – traveled for work and then my oldest graduated from High School this week! YouTube Channel: KenMiddletonUkulele His Notes: One of my favourite Irish folk tunes. This improvisation was filmed during our family holiday to a cottage on Shell Island in Wales. That’s Harlech Castle on […]

Al “Woodshed” Wood – Sakura Sakura

No ratings yet. Do note that the Japanese people, as both fans and performers, have made many important contributions to ukulele culture…. YouTube Channel: Woodshed1 Tab here: Please rate this Video Rating

Ken Middleton – The Leaving Of Liverpool

No ratings yet. Perfect for the location…. YouTube Channel: KenMiddletonUkulele His Notes: Went to the beach in North Wales last weekend. It was cold – very cold. I managed to play a few bars before my fingers seized up and got tangled in the strings. I am trying to play a lovely Irish (or English) […]

The Pyles – Picture in a Frame

No ratings yet. Faultless…. YouTube Channel: bummerwolf His Notes: I’m gonna love you till the wheels come off. Please rate this Video Rating

The Pyles – Don’t Think Twice

No ratings yet. Was in a Dylan mood after his performance on the Grammy’s Sunday night…. YouTube Channel: bummerwolf His Notes: We never did too much talkin’ anyway. Dixie don’t talk back Please rate this Video Rating

Agathe – On a Good Day

No ratings yet. Agathe with a percussive friend…. YouTube Channel: Peyrson Her Notes: Merci à Corentin “Koko” Boizot, le meilleur percussioniste de la terre (en toute objectivité). Merci aussi à Albane et Marielou, qui sont malgré tout les stars de la vidéo. Google Translated: Thank you to Corey “Koko” Boizot, the best drummer on earth […]

SimpleTunes2 – John Henry

5/5 (1) Nice banjolele…. YouTube Channel: simpletunes2 His Notes: I just LOVE this song! There are of course a million and one verses and I cut it down a bit to the essential myth of the triumph of the human spirit over the forces that seek to crush it. Every time I sing it it […]

Agathe & Fine – Woman

No ratings yet. Totally hooked on these two – album please…. YouTube Channel: Peyrson Their Notes: Alessi’s Ark is an upcoming English folk singer-songwriter whose brilliant performance at the Union Chapel in London last Christmas inspired us to cover this song, ‘Woman’. We were lucky to shoot in a beautiful shop in the rue Lamarck […]

BaronK69 – Grimasch om Morgonen

No ratings yet. In any language, Baron is the bomb…. YouTube Channel: BaronK69 His Notes: About a moth ago I fell on the icy road and crushed the beautiful cedar top of the soprano Sven had built for me. Luckily he managed to fix it again and made it even better than before. It […]

wwelti – The Old Turf Fire

4/5 (1) Nice finger-picking on this Irish folk tune…. YouTube Channel: wwelti Please rate this Video Rating

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