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JukeBox661 – Spanish Romance

No ratings yet. From his notes: This about 400 year old traditional tune could be found in nearly every classical guitar book. Here it is transcribed for and played on a Kala Acacia tenor ukulele in low-A tuning. Tabulature for this tune can be downloaded at Enjoy! YouTube Channel: JuKeBox661 Please rate this Video […]

Ukulele Mike – Finlandia

No ratings yet. A beautiful detour from his tutorials…. YouTube Channel: MusicTeacher2010 Please rate this Video Rating

JuKeBox661 – Aquado Study in C

No ratings yet. It’s time for a nice change of pace after all that pop…. YouTube Channel: JuKeBox661 Please rate this Video Rating

Woodshed – How to Play Classical Ukulele

No ratings yet. Al of UkeHunt has put out another outstanding e-book.   This time, he’s gone real old school on it…. YouTube Channel: Woodshed1 Please rate this Video Rating

JuKeBox661 – Pachelbel’s Canon

No ratings yet. Absolutely lovely – his full notes with links to the tabs below…. YouTube Channel: JuKeBox661 Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D major, arranged (transcribed from original, 28 variations of the Canon theme) and played on Kala acacia tenor ukulele. Enjoy! Tabs available: TuxGuitar: transcribed from:… Playing two tracks ukulele accompaniment, […]

WS64 – Koyaanisqatsi

No ratings yet. Every time I start to think there is nothing more that could or should be done with the uke, someone proves me wrong…. YouTube Channel: WS64 Excellent Movies: Please rate this Video Rating

Ukulollo – Ravel’s Bolero

No ratings yet. It was tough to choose from all the great videos last year, but this performance by Lorenzo Vignando and his six identical twins (har) is my pick from Al’s shortlist of  UkuleleHunt Video of the Year contenders…. YouTube Channel: krenfilm Please rate this Video Rating

Capotastomusic – Fur Elise

No ratings yet. Nice performance and tab for a song that will make your mother say “awwww…” YouTube Channel: Capotastomusic Web Site: http://www.capotastomusic.comTab: Beethoven Fur Elise – Ukulele Please rate this Video Rating

Dominator – Piano Forte

No ratings yet. Another excellent cover by Dominator…. Jake Shimabukuro:  YouTube Channel: DominatorUke Web Site: Please rate this Video Rating

Andy Eastwood – William Tell Overture

5/5 (3) At Oxford University, Andy Eastwood made history as the first musician ever to give his degree recital on the ukulele. Here, he rips up the banjo uke doing the William Tell Overture. YouTube Channel: AceMusicOnline Tabs: William Tell Overture Tabs – Ukulele Please rate this Video Rating