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Baron & Jordon – Busy Line

5/5 (1) Proudly stolen from the excellent Humble Uker Ramblings blog…. YouTube Channel: sekaiissyuugakudan Their Notes: Official Busy Line video from Baron & Jordon’s debut album SWINGSET. Available now on the iTunes Music Store.… Please rate this Video Rating

WS64 – Pennsylvania 6-5000

No ratings yet. Ws64 with a great Glen Miller cover on his new Kala Spalted Mango…. Buy @ Amazon: Glen Miller YouTube Channel: WS64 Please rate this Video Rating

ttcafeukejazz – Pink Ribbon Ukulele

No ratings yet. Swinging solo strummer from Tatsuko Kaneda of TT Cafe…. YouTube Channel: ttcafeukejazz Please rate this Video Rating