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Doogey9 – Quite Early Morning

5/5 (5) Ah, Brother Sonny and the baritone uke…. YouTube Channel: Doogey9 His Notes: i like this song…so i learnt it…. Just fits the times, but then again, it has since it was written… hugs peoples, todd (brother sonny) Please rate this Video Rating

BossaRocker – Baby

5/5 (1) BossaRocker will be the host the new Ukulele Hunt Podcast coming soon…. YouTube Channel: bossarocker Please rate this Video Rating

jazzdog49 – Black Orpheus

4.5/5 (2) Day Six of Baritone Week: Bossa Nova played sweet and mellow on the baritone…. YouTube Channel: jazzdog49 Chords: Black Orpheus – Baritone Ukulele Please rate this Video Rating

Tarbank – Fresh from the Cave

5/5 (1) Day Five of Baritone Week: Tarbank prefers re-entrant tuning for his baritone. Not sure if I agree, or if I just believe anything he says with that melodious voice of his…. YouTube: Tarbank Annie and Mac: Please rate this Video Rating

Tom Allard – I Wish You Love

No ratings yet. Day Four of Baritone Week: Lovely round tones from the vintage Martin Baritone in this video recommended by Doogey9…. YouTube: AllardTom Tom’s Web Site: Chords and Lyrics: Frank Sinatra I Wish You Love – Baritone Ukulele Please rate this Video Rating

KDUS – Guaglione

No ratings yet. Day Three of Baritone Week: KDUS in a duet with an off camera soprano…. YouTube Channel: KDUS Soprano: Bushman JennyBaritone: 50’s Harmony baritone ukulele Please rate this Video Rating

Deach – It Hurts Me Too

No ratings yet. Day Two of Baritone Week and we’re not saving the best for last. Deach, whose playing and singing is as loose and funky as his fashion sense, took advantage of his near death experience to channel some real blues growl for this number… Elmore James: YouTube Channel: Deach69 Chords and Lyrics: Elmore […]

Doogey9 – Cryin Holy Unto the Lord

No ratings yet. Todd, who you may know better as the insanely prolific Doogey9, is dedicating a week worth of new videos to his baritone uke. Knowing a good idea when we hear it, UkeToob is following suit by only publishing baritone videos this week. YouTube Channel: Doogey9 Baritone Ukulele Hunt: Please rate this […]

misterd699 – When I dream…

No ratings yet. Nice baritone number by Mark Di Marzio… YouTube Channel: misterd699 Please rate this Video Rating