Doogey9 – Cryin Holy Unto the Lord

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Todd, who you may know better as the insanely prolific Doogey9, is dedicating a week worth of new videos to his baritone uke. Knowing a good idea when we hear it, UkeToob is following suit by only publishing baritone videos this week.
YouTube Channel: Doogey9
Baritone Ukulele Hunt:

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  1. todd August 17th, 2009 6:16 am

    thanks so much for sharing Donnie…..

    right now my favorite sizes seem to be polar opposites…the soprano and the baritone, but i've really been surprised about how many ukers have asked me about the bari….

    thanks so much again,


    p.s. i saw a wonderful video by Tom Allard (cigar box uke guy) doing a wonderful instrumental on his beautiful Martin baritone….i just can't recall the tune's name…

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