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Al “Woodshed” Wood – Magnum PI Theme

5/5 (1) Happy 4th birthday to the excellent…. YouTube Channel: Woodshed1 His Notes: A ukulele cover of an old Hawaiian tune by Ian Freebairn-Smith. Please rate this Video Rating

Woodshed – Fraggle Rock

No ratings yet. Watch out for the fancy clapping…. YouTube Channel: Woodshed1 Best Uke Site: TAB: Please rate this Video Rating

Woodshed – Sandford and Son

No ratings yet. Woodshed ( tabs promised soon) cashes in all his street cred for bigger chips with this bad ass cover…. YouTube Channel: Woodshed1 Please rate this Video Rating

Sheepstar15 – Smurfing Beer

No ratings yet. Can’t share her fond memories of the Smurf (except maybe Smurfette) but I will always remember this tune now….. YouTube Channel: Sheepstar15 Lyrics: Smurfing Beer – Ukulele (In YouTube More Info) Please rate this Video Rating

BaronK69 – Bad Things

No ratings yet. The Baron with a smoky rendition of the True Blood theme song …. Buy @ Amazon: Jace Everett YouTube Channel: BaronK69 Chords and Lyrics: Jace Everett Bad Things – Ukulele PS: Thanks to Sam HelveticaUke Love for the tip on this video! Please rate this Video Rating

adellethegreat – Spiderman Theme

No ratings yet. Spiderman, spiderman, does strange things in the background, spiderman…. YouTube Channel: adellethegreatChords and Lyrics: Bob Harris Spiderman Theme – Ukulele Please rate this Video Rating