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ackeim – Break the Hold

3/5 (1) I’m a sucker for the clawhammer…. YouTube Channel: ackeim Their Notes: Here is Aaron and Neil (The Quiet American, Boulder Acoustic Society) playing an original song called Break the Hold. It will be on The Quiet American Volume II, available in May 2011. Please rate this Video Rating

ackeim – Clawhammer Lesson 3

No ratings yet. Another great clawhammer lesson, this time focusing on the right hand…. YouTube Channel: ackeim Lesson 1: Lesson 2: Please rate this Video Rating

YoppyKyabetsu – Are You Washed

No ratings yet. UncleJeff64, who passed along the link to this beauty, rightly considers it to be a direct challenge to his clawhammer-uke mantle…. YouTube Channel: YoppyKyabetsu Please rate this Video Rating

unclejeff64 – Blackberry Winter

No ratings yet. Jeff’s story about the name of the song: “I’d been working on this tune but had no title. One day I remarked on the weather to my wife’s sister who said, “it’s a blackberry winter, a cold snap that makes the blackberries come out.”  I don’t know much, but I know a good […]