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Ukulelezaza – Mr. Sandman

5/5 (2) Classic…. YouTube Channel: ukulelezaza His Notes: Here’s a lovely tune everyone knows and is fairly easy to play. To get the melody the trick is to either add or lose a finger each chord. Just watch my fingers! Here’s the chord progression: intro C | G7 | C | G7 | C | […]

Ukulele Mike – For No One

No ratings yet. Beautiful song…. YouTube Channel: MusicTeacher2010 Please rate this Video Rating

africatwin07 – Walking Stick

No ratings yet. Fun performance followed by a great tutorial…. YouTube Channel: africatwin07 His performance notes: From 1938, the Irving Berlin song, probably best known for the Leon Redbone version. Tony and Shay asked me for the chords to this, and rather than type them up and email them, I decided to do a wee […]

Imagine Tutorial

No ratings yet. Sweet onscreen lesson…. YouTube Channel: UkeClasses Please rate this Video Rating

Rigk Sauer – Ain’t She Sweet Tutorial

No ratings yet. Rigk of Risa Ukes with an excellent banjolele tutorial…. YouTube Channel: ukuleledotde Please rate this Video Rating

Ukulele Mike – Crazy G Tutorial

No ratings yet. Mike has really been cranking out some extra great tutorials lately…. YouTube Channel: MusicTeacher2010 Please rate this Video Rating

Ukulele Mike – Hey Jude (Lesson)

No ratings yet. Mike is still republishing his videos after the take down – now with another channel just for Beatles songs…. YouTube Channel: BeatlesUkuleleMike Please rate this Video Rating

Ukulele Mike – Blues Improvisation Lesson

0/5 (1) In yet another brilliant move, YouTube suspended Ukulele Mike’s MusicTeacher2009 account at the request of the Dumbest Industry on Earth.  Simple: learning to make music increases the enjoyment of music and leads to more engaged customers who will buy more of your product. New YouTube Channel: MusicTeacher2010 Please rate this Video Rating

ackeim – Clawhammer Lesson 3

No ratings yet. Another great clawhammer lesson, this time focusing on the right hand…. YouTube Channel: ackeim Lesson 1: Lesson 2: Please rate this Video Rating

ukulaladotcom – Sea of Love Tutorial

No ratings yet. Nice structure to this tutorial…. YouTube Channel: ukulaladotcom Breakdown: 00:00 Intro 00:26 Tuning (GCEA standard tuning) 00:31 Chords (Bb, D7, Eb, C7) 02:14 Strumming pattern – 8 beat loop: down, miss, down, up, miss, miss, down (harder), up (soft) 03:34 Slow strumming and chord changes 04:53 Full speed demo with words (slight […]

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