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Phil Doleman – Say a Little Prayer

No ratings yet. One of my favorite Bacharach songs…. YouTube Channel: PhilDoleman His Notes: Say a Little Prayer, played chord/melody style on the uke, for the Ukulele Cosmos invitational, June 2011. Hurriedly put together (some bits are still partially improvised), and recorded in one take, in the dark, between my kids waking up and wanting […]

Denton & Miranda – You and I

No ratings yet. Ah, youth…. YouTube Channel: 3FACTR Their Notes: Denton Latham (13) and his friend Miranda do an impromptu rendition of You and I by Ingrid Michaelson. Denton’s playing a Mainland Mahogany Tenor ukulele and Miranda has an Washburn Mahogany Concert. A little fast, but pretty fun. Please rate this Video Rating

JuKeBox661 – Where the Good Ones Go

No ratings yet. Lovely…. YouTube Channel: JuKeBox661 His Notes: Cover of a song originally done by Danielle Ate the Sandwich – a brilliant singer/songwriter and ukulele player. Please visit her webspace at I played this song on my new (used) Koaloha concert ukulele, accompanied with electric upright bass. Recorded with ZoomH2 and Kodak ZI-8 […]

Sheepstar15 – Longing to Belong

No ratings yet. Okay, I am really looking forward to the album now…. YouTube Channel: Sheepstar15 Her Notes: I haven’t posted for ages, so here’s a quick one-taker. I messed up the chords at one point, but am posting anyway 🙂 This is a request from John Irving – see his fab cover here: […]

SmartBabe91 – Lazy Song

No ratings yet. Not so humble a YouTube handle, but great cover…. YouTube Channel:SmartBabe91 Her Notes: Not my best cover – my ukulele is being a butthole lately. Oh well. Love this song. Hope you like it, too! 🙂 (Also, notice my purdy green nails.) Recommended By: UncleJeff64 Please rate this Video Rating

Clara Belle – High and Dry

No ratings yet. One of my favorite Radiohead songs…. YouTube Channel: ClaraBelleMusic Please rate this Video Rating

Smokey Stubbs et al – Teen Angst

No ratings yet. Sweet…. YouTube Channel: SmokeyStubbs Their Notes:  Smokey Stubbs, Adzuki & The Bewilderbeast performing Cracker’s “Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now)” for Ukeshale’s Go 90s contest on Ukulele Underground. YouTube Twitter MySpace Please rate this Video Rating

MusikGeek93 – Us

No ratings yet. Regina Spektor is a favorite…. YouTube Channel: MusikGeek93 Her Notes: Just wanted to show everybody my new “tiny guitar” 🙂 Please excuse my many mistakes – I’m new to uke. Please rate this Video Rating

UkeTreeHugger – Stairwell

No ratings yet. Charming Julia Nunes cover…. YouTube Channel: UkeTreeHugger Her Notes: I literally have been doing nothing but watching ‘Dexter’ for the past 24 hours. its quite sad, but then again, if you’ve seen the show, you dont blame me. This is one of my favorite Julia songs. I obvs dont own the rights […]

JasonFolds5 – Accidentally in Love

No ratings yet. My lovely wife sent me a link to this one…she has good taste…. YouTube Channel: JasonFolds5 His Notes: A cover of Julia Nunes’ cover of Counting Crows’ Accidentally in Love on the ukulele, melodica, glockenspiel, and tissue box. Please rate this Video Rating

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