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Interview – Danielle Ate the Sandwich

No ratings yet. Editors Note: Due to a busy week here, we will be replaying our interview series.  Since I interviewed Danielle back in January of 2009, she has released a great follow up album, has completed several small tours and even appeared in a major festival this last summer. Once, stuck in the car […]

BaronK69 – It Ain’t me Babe

No ratings yet. Since I pulled everyone out of the UkeToob Pantheon for a day it’s time to pay the gods back by inducting a new member.  Didn’t have to think twice about this one since I find myself trying to find a reason not to pick a new Baron video as the best of […]

Ken Middleton – Time After Time (Improv)

No ratings yet. There are a couple of on-line ukers who are so good that none of the videos they put out can be overlooked.  Ken Middleton is one of those ukers. His quality of performance, depth and breadth of styles, and outstanding musicianship forces us to make him the second inductee to the “UkeToob […]

Danielle Ate the Sandwich – Ooh Child

No ratings yet. This is it – the last Danielle Ate the Sandwich video we are going to post. Every time she releases one it is the best video of the week if not the month, so she is going into the “UkeToob Pantheon of Ukers You Should Already be Subscribing to and Hence There […]

Danielle Ate the Sandwich – Fortunate Son

No ratings yet. I am not a CCR fan, and Fortunate Son is near the top of my “worst songs of all time” list, yet Danielle knocks it out of the park and has had me singing it for days now – now that is magic…. Danielle Ate the Sandwich: YouTube Channel: daniellesmagic Chords and […]

Danielle Ate the Sandwich – I Get Ideas

No ratings yet. She makes every song her own…. Danielle Ate the Sandwich: Louis Armstrong: YouTube Channel: daniellesmagic Chords and Lyrics: Louis Armstrong I Get Ideas – Ukulele (In Info) Please rate this Video Rating

Danielle Ate the Sandwich – Fool

No ratings yet. Another great original song from Danielle…. YouTube Channel: daniellesmagic Please rate this Video Rating

Danielle Ate the Sandwich – Bribes

No ratings yet. This is my favorite song off her new album, Things People Do…. YouTube Channel: daniellesmagic Myspace: UkeToob Interview: Danielle Ate The Sandwich Please rate this Video Rating

Danielle Ate The Sandwich – On the Planet Earth

No ratings yet. I would bet money on Danielle`s cover of Rich Girl at least placing in the Bushman Contest this year. This is one of her original songs, and it is very original. If you are in the NY area, she and Liz Wood (kittenmildew) are performing at Tillies on 1/30. YouTube Channel: daniellesmagic […]

Danielle Ate the Sandwich – Rich Girl

No ratings yet. My new favorite Bushman Contest entry…. Hall and Oats: YouTube Channel: daniellesmagic Chords and Lyrics: Hall and Oates Rich Girl Chords and Lyrics – Ukulele Please rate this Video Rating