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Sarah Parker – Everybody

No ratings yet. Sarah’s excellent animated entry to Ingrid’s contest…. YouTube Channel: ZebraMuzak Please rate this Video Rating

ukulaladotcom – Sea of Love Tutorial

No ratings yet. Nice structure to this tutorial…. YouTube Channel: ukulaladotcom Breakdown: 00:00 Intro 00:26 Tuning (GCEA standard tuning) 00:31 Chords (Bb, D7, Eb, C7) 02:14 Strumming pattern – 8 beat loop: down, miss, down, up, miss, miss, down (harder), up (soft) 03:34 Slow strumming and chord changes 04:53 Full speed demo with words (slight […]

Woodshed – Hoppipolla

No ratings yet. As if it wasn’t enough that Al already created the worlds best ukulele site in the world, he made this beautiful arrangement of one of my favorite Sigur Ros songs and then he promises to share that arrangement with all soon – if he hadn’t shaved his head I might be sliding […]

WeezerUke – The Sweater Song

No ratings yet. Russ continues his noble quest to cover every Weezer song in order…. YouTube Channel: WeezerUke Please rate this Video Rating

KowKowKooks – Kids

No ratings yet. Not sure what it is, but I would listen to that voice sing the phone book…. YouTube Channel: KowKowKooks Please rate this Video Rating

Phil Doleman – Senses Working Overtime

No ratings yet. Great strumming on this sweet Peardrop uke…. YouTube Channel: PhilDoleman Please rate this Video Rating

UkeBrudders – I Will Follow You into the Dark

No ratings yet. The UkeBrudders nail another instrumental duet…. YouTube Channel: ukebrudders Thanks again to HaileISela for the tip! Please rate this Video Rating

Chipswow – The Penalty

No ratings yet. Yet another great cover of this Beirut song…. YouTube Channel: chipswow Please rate this Video Rating

Soggy Cheerios – He Woke Me Up Again

No ratings yet. Lovely Sufjan cover…. Buy @ Amazon: Sufjan Steven YouTube Channel: soggycheerios Please rate this Video Rating

JaninLia – All the Pretty Little Horses

No ratings yet. In addition to being one of the funniest ukulele blogs on the Internets, the Uke Crazy Bitches blog occasionally features videos they like by other people, such as this cover of Calexico that was posted by Ukisociety…. Buy @ Amazon: Calexico YouTube Channel: JaninLia Chords and Lyrics: Calexico All the Pretty Little Horses – […]

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