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TheJumpingFlea – In the Muk

No ratings yet. Great original instrumental…. YouTube Channel: thejumpingflea His Notes: This is a new original instrumental about my hometown of Mukilteo. I hope you enjoy it! Played on a Moore Bettah Tenor ukulele with an Audio Technica 4041 condenser microphone. Please rate this Video Rating

Sweet Soubrette – Stick Around

No ratings yet. Sweet combo with the uke and marimba…. YouTube Channel: SweetSoubretteSongs Her Notes: Sweet Soubrette’s Ellia Bisker (uke/vox) and Mike Dobson (marimba) performing the song “Stick Around” at the American Folk Art Museum on July 17, 2009. You can’t see Dobson in this video but you can hear his amazing mallet work. Video […]

tUnE-yArDs – Powa

No ratings yet. Crazy props to the world’s coolest man in the world, Al at, for not only digging this song, but tabbing it too…. tUnE-yArDs: UkuleleHunt post and tab: Please rate this Video Rating

CrustyMelons – Naked Ukuleles Sexy Dance (EXPLICIT)

No ratings yet. Does anyone know how to block YouTube on my wife’s computer?  See keeps sending me links…. YouTube Channel: CrustyMelons Their Notes: Lars and Matthew playing ukuleles to their hearts content… The next youtube sensation! Make sure you retweet and repost this errrrywuuurrr. Please rate this Video Rating

Liz Wood – Motion

No ratings yet. Bravo…. YouTube Channel: KittenMildew Her Notes: In a mansion Plays viola Dancing around Giddy in flouncy gowns Oriental rugs line the ground where Keys scratch Wooden floors Marble arched sliding doors What’s the word I’m looking for? Skidoo-Anger Isolation Rules the world It’s a mind fuck Same child New life Old style […]

Matt Kresling – Seventeen

No ratings yet. Amazing job on the video, and a great song too…. YouTube Channel: kresling Found On: HumbleUker His Notes: I made this using my high school yearbooks. And an accordion. FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD AT: This video has been shortlisted for YouTube Play. See the shortlist at Everything we knew was wrong. […]

ackeim – Break the Hold

3/5 (1) I’m a sucker for the clawhammer…. YouTube Channel: ackeim Their Notes: Here is Aaron and Neil (The Quiet American, Boulder Acoustic Society) playing an original song called Break the Hold. It will be on The Quiet American Volume II, available in May 2011. Please rate this Video Rating

Hailey Wojcik – Amnesia

No ratings yet. Yet another great video purloined from the Humble Uker…. YouTube Channel: HaileyWojcik Her Notes: Here is the 5th video from my album, DIORAMA. It was so much fun to make; I hope you like it. Please leave a comment and tell me which Hailey you were rooting for. (Or which one seemed […]

Rocky & Balls – Murder She Wrote Song

No ratings yet. Always fun, Rocky & Balls that is, not Jessica Fletcher…. YouTube Channel: RockyandBalls Their Notes: A little song about one of our favourite tv heroines, JB Fletcher. D A In a little fishing town in Maine, there’s a famous lady writer D E7 A Who deals in love revenge and pain and […]

live2tivo – Crazier than Charlie Sheen

No ratings yet. I’ll take “things that don’t exist” for $500, Alex…. YouTube Channel: live2tivo Her Notes: Charlie Sheen is crazy. My muse wouldn’t let that go. C F D G You said you can go it alone So I’m going to let you try But I’m not the one who gets more insane As […]

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