Danielle Ate the Sandwich – 17 and 53

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One of my favorites from the new album….

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Her Notes:

Danielle ‘Ate the Sandwich’ Anderson-Vocals, Ukulele
Chris J.-Violin, Vocals
Dennis B.-Bass, Vocals

This song is on my album, Two Bedroom Apartment!
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Jan. 13th-Avogadro’s Number in Fort Collins, CO with Benyaro
Jan. 15th-Walnut Room in Denver, CO with Boulder Acoustic Society
Jan. 22nd-Radio Room in Grand Junction, CO
February 4th and 5th-Denver Ukulele Festival at Swallow Hill in Denver
February 12th-Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO with Ian Cooke
February 18th-Bluebird Theatre in Denver, CO with Matt Morris
March 4th and 5th-Gorge Ukulele Festival in Hood River, OR
More dates and details at http://www.danielleatethesandwich.net

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Lyrics to this song (written by Danielle Anderson):

Gm F C
You were seventeen the year your father died
He was fifty three when you were seventeen
In the museum where you laid your head to sleep
The artifacts were cold to comfort you

When you heard them fighting you hid in the apple tree
The branches broke their noise
When your brother studied at the university
You were left alone to realize

Cm Dm

That while you were growing older she was busy growing older too
Ba dah dum, bah dah dah dah dum

Gm F C
In the summer when your father drove you to the river
He would sing so loud
Soon to keep his silence when you climbed through barbed wired fences
To get to the riverside

And while you were growing older she was busy growing older too
Ba dah dum, bah dah dah dah dum

And in February you were running late one day
And out the door you ran
Leaving left unsaid the things you’d soon regret not telling
Never knowing this would be your last chance

Was it fair to blame the girl?
Was it fair to make the child choose?
And when you stood next to the mountain
Did you swear you could hear him calling you home?

I am twenty two and you are fifty three
Only blood can tell
We are made up of strings and strands of DNA
Dancing waltzes in our cells

And while I am growing older, you are busy growing older too
Ba dah dum, bah dah dah dah dum

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  1. Ken Middleton January 6th, 2011 1:52 am

    This is a really wonderful song and the simple arrangement works beautifully. I have met a lot of great players and performers in the last couple of years. I’m looking forward to meeting Danielle.

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