lisaxy424 – Hurts so Good

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Lisa’s excellent offering to Grumpy’s Bring the Song Challenge….

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Hurts So Good
Lisaxy424 – 2010

Silly Girl, she should have known better.
This has happened many times before.
But it didn’t stop her, in fact, it let her
just keep on going back for more.

More of that feeling, the one that can’t really be described.
That feeling, the one that reminds you you’re sill alive.
Oh that feeling, the one you’d feel every second if you could.
That feeling, the one that hurts so good.

Silly boy, he should have done different.
He has made all these same moves before.
But it didn’t stop him, no he didn’t take the hint.
He just kept on going back for more.


But you know you’re just lying to yourself,
when you say this is the last time.
It’s not your fault you keep wanting something else.
I just wished that something was partly

Silly me, I should have said something.
I’ve made all these mistakes before.
Please don’t blame me, I just wanted that feeling.
The one that lets me love you more.

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