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Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer – Songs for Acid Edward

No ratings yet. Mr. B never fails to delight and amaze…. YouTube Channel: sgtrock70 His Notes: The Second in Mr.B’s ‘Histories’ series. Seven Rave classics. In five minutes. On the Banjolele. ‘I Say!’, Mr.B’s second long player is available now from ‘The Chap-Hop Shop’ via ‘Flattery Not Included’ is available here Video by […]

Rigk Sauer – Ain’t She Sweet Tutorial

No ratings yet. Rigk of Risa Ukes with an excellent banjolele tutorial…. YouTube Channel: ukuleledotde Please rate this Video Rating

GroundHogBrains – Big Scioty

0/5 (1) Nice day on the porch for a banjolele and fiddle duet…. YouTube Channel: GroundHogBrains Tabs (For Fiddle With Explanation of Song): Big Scioty Sheet Music: Big Scioty Please rate this Video Rating

Andy Eastwood – William Tell Overture

5/5 (3) At Oxford University, Andy Eastwood made history as the first musician ever to give his degree recital on the ukulele. Here, he rips up the banjo uke doing the William Tell Overture. YouTube Channel: AceMusicOnline Tabs: William Tell Overture Tabs – Ukulele Please rate this Video Rating