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Alex Meyers – Ukulele Rap

No ratings yet. Charming braggadocio…. YouTube Channel: alboat His Notes: 6-10-11 Lucky Jacks Please rate this Video Rating

TheLex78 – I Need a Dollar

No ratings yet. This song has been stuck on heavy rotation on my daughter’s iPod, and now in my head, so why not just give in to it…. YouTube Channel: TheLex78 His Notes: reprise au ukulélé du morceau d’Aloe Blacc more on Barely needed Google Translation: return the ukulele song Aloe Blacc More on […]

Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer – Chap-Hop History

No ratings yet. Mr. B covers the history of rap as only a fine chap like he could…. YouTube Channel: sgtrock70 Please rate this Video Rating

Jon Braman – Built a Raft

No ratings yet. Jon Braman performs live at Drom in NYC…. Jon Braman:  YouTube Channel: jonbraman Web Site: Please rate this Video Rating

Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer – Straight out of Surrey

No ratings yet. Thanks to Woodshed for finding this ridiculously good blend of posh manners, ukulele and NWA…. NWA:  YouTube Channel: sgtrock70 Lyrics: NWA Straight out of Compton (original song) Please rate this Video Rating