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Most Popular Ukulele Videos October 2012

No ratings yet. 1. สิงโต นำโชค – อยู่ต่อเลยได้ไหม (Official Audio) 2. MiniOTS: “All Gummed Up Inside” – An Adventure Time Cover! 3. A Permanent Hug From You – Original Song 4. Love Paradise Ukulele Cover by Gail Sophicha 6 Years Old. 5. Case of You – Joni Mitchell (cover) Please rate this Video Rating

Most Popular Ukulele Videos September 2012

No ratings yet. 1. McFly – “Love Is Easy” at the Roxy – New Song (HD) 2. Lazy Song ( Bruno Mars ) Ukulele Cover by Gail Sophicha 3. Case of You – Joni Mitchell (cover) 4. Love Paradise Ukulele Cover by Gail Sophicha 6 Years Old. 5. Payphone – Sungha Jung (Guitarlele) Please rate […]

Most Popular Ukulele Videos August 2012

No ratings yet. 1. “She’s a Beach” ft. Nigahiga 2. dumb bikes 3. Matthew Mitcham Rome/Roam Ukulele Mashup 4. Tonally Bored II 3. รักแม่เท่าฟ้า Ukulele Cover by น้องเกล Gail Sophicha Please rate this Video Rating

Most Popular Videos July 2012

No ratings yet. This month’s most popular ukulele videos are dominated by Tom ‘off of McFly‘ Fletcher. 1. Little Joanna…on my little pink ukulele 2. WOODSY 3. My Girl COVER 4. The Guy Who Turned Her Down – ukulele version 5. คิดมาก Palmy by น้องเกล Ukulele Gail Sophicha 6 Year old. Please rate this Video […]

Most Popular Ukulele Videos June 2012

No ratings yet. And the most popular ukulele videos this month are: 1. ‘Faith In A Man’ by Danielle Ate The Sandwich (OFFICIAL) 2. Honey Bee by Zee Avi Cover 3. SUPER MARIO BROS: OVERWORLD (UKULELE COVER) 4. Ka Lia Yang – Sunset (Sexy Babies) (Original) 5. LaTeeya – Cheap Date (Cover by Jessica Domingo) […]

Most Popular Ukulele Videos May 2012

No ratings yet. A slight change to how these are calculated. Instead of being the most watched they’re the highest rated. Which removes the videos that get viewers by annoying everyone. And, apparently, increases the percentage of Sungha even more. 1. (Big Bang) Bad Boy – Sungha Jung (Ukulele) 2. (Big Bang) Blue – Sungha […]

March 2012 Most Popular Ukulele Videos

No ratings yet. 1. Nerd Bath – Young Wild and Free – Wiz Khalifa Views: 1,155,381 2. Rush Limbaugh Calls Sandra Fluke a Slut – Reformed Whores’ Response Video Views: 452,328 3. Ridiculous Live Performance… at Coffee Bean! Views: 425,707 4. Introducing Futulele, the Ukulele app for the iPad and the iPhone Views: 300,344 5. […]

Most Popular Ukulele Videos January 2012

No ratings yet. Joining the ever-present Sungha Jung in this month’s line-up are Walk off the Earth parodying their 5-people-on-one-guitar version of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know, Charlie ‘issocoollike’ McDonnell and an inpromputu subway jam. 1. Walk off the Earth – Somebody that I… (Thank You Vid) FREE Mp3 Views: 1,374,776 2. Time […]

Most Popular Ukulele Videos December 2011

No ratings yet. A few bits of Christmassy stuff in this month. And no ukulele at all in the Gabe Bondoc but that snuck in there somehow. 1. All I Want For Christmas Is You – Tori Kelly & AJ Rafael (Cover) Views: 133,921 2. I am Four-Mod – จีบได้แฟนไม่รัก Ver.UKULELE [Official MV] Views: 110,818 […]

Most Popular Ukulele Videos November 2011

No ratings yet. 1. (2ne1) Lonely – Sungha Jung (Harp Ukulele) Views: 254,853 2. UTS: “Thinking About You” – A Frank Ocean Cover Views: 158,967 3. Aula de música na prisão – Music lessons in prison Views: 72,368 4. สอนเล่นukulele : ทะเลสีดำ by Apple Show Views: 37,414 5. อยากจะรู้ – นท The Star 7(UKULELE COVER) […]

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