Most Popular Ukulele Videos November 2011

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1. (2ne1) Lonely – Sungha Jung (Harp Ukulele)

Views: 254,853

2. UTS: “Thinking About You” – A Frank Ocean Cover

Views: 158,967

3. Aula de música na prisão – Music lessons in prison

Views: 72,368

4. สอนเล่นukulele : ทะเลสีดำ by Apple Show

Views: 37,414

5. อยากจะรู้ – นท The Star 7(UKULELE COVER)

Views: 35,231

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  1. Ron Hale December 4th, 2011 12:35 am

    The Asian ukulele world is under-represented in our uke coverage here in the West, Al. Give this some thought over at UH.

    Now, Sungha Jung has a cult-like following. Huge, but still cult-like in its devotion and adoration. Perhaps this is cultural and something I just don’t understand. But he could burn out on this degree of attention before reaching adulthood.

    From what I’ve seen, I’d rate him as one of the world’s prime exponents of ukezak. His enormous talent, as far as I can tell, is spent on blah instrumental covers that, if packaged, could be sold as sure-fire cures for the most stubborn cases of insomnia. Guitar as well as uke.

    Like wasting Elvis in insipid films. He’s still Elvis, but he’s being wasted.

    “Thinkng About You” is very well done. Deserves its

    I wish I’d found the prison video. One of the few unique ones around.

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