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The Pyles – Blue Red and Grey

No ratings yet. Hands down my favorite uker…. YouTube Channel: bummerwolf His Notes: I know a man who works the night shift who’s lucky to have a job and some pay. Please rate this Video Rating

UkeCrazyBitches – Sail Away

No ratings yet. Russ and Little 6ster doing Neil Young…. YouTube Channel: UkeCrazyBitches Their Notes: cette chanson est pour notre bon ami, Klevin. Little6ster: Ohana TK-35CE BussRuss: Guitare le Zoom H1 microphone se trouve sur un tricycle jouet. vous pourrez voir un cheval blanc et petit chat si vous regardez attentivement. Google Translated: this song […]

Heavy Baron – Dancing in the Moonlight

5/5 (1) Oh yeah…. YouTube Channel: BaronK69 Their Notes: This month 25 years ago the front man of Thin Lizzy, Phil Lynott died, so while rehearsing for our upcoming gigs we thought we’d pay him a tribute with his great song, Dancing in the Moonlight. Rest in peace Phil! Check out Heavy’s channel and subscribe: […]

Ben Stewert – Paranoid Android

No ratings yet. So do you call this a “toilet seat cover”? YouTube Channel: benonwax Web Site: Please rate this Video Rating

Interview – Seeso

No ratings yet. Editors Note: Due to a busy week here, we will be replaying our interview series.  Since I interviewed Seeso back in February of 2009, he has continued to spread peace and democracy with his magical ukulele.  The evil minions of the underworld took down the video that originally accompanied this interview, so […]

Agathe & Fine – No Suprises

No ratings yet. Absolutely charming…. YouTube Channel: Peyrson Please rate this Video Rating

BaronK69 – Bark at the Moon

No ratings yet. The Baron with a rousing Ozzy cover…. YouTube Channel: BaronK69 Please rate this Video Rating

GUGUG – Don’t Fear the Reaper

No ratings yet. Gus and Fin go to town on their new Mainland Concert ukes (the mix is a little light on cowbell though….) YouTube Channel: GUGUG Please rate this Video Rating

Adrienguitare59 – For the Love of God

No ratings yet. Ukulele Underground, who are sporting a spiffy new look, rightfully picked this nearly nine minute epic as their Member Video of the Week…. YouTube Channel: Adrienguitare59 Please rate this Video Rating

Amanda Palmer – Fake Plastic Trees

No ratings yet. Three of my favorite things: Cargo Video, Radiohead, and a unique performer who really feels the song…. YouTube Channel: cargovideo Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on her Magic Ukulele Good article about the album. Please rate this Video Rating

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