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UkuleleDav – Buba Mara

No ratings yet. Short and sweet…. YouTube Channel: UkuleleDav His Notes: Et hop une petite tentative de solo d’un des thèmes du film Chat Noir Chat Blanc et dont le titre original est Buba Mara (ou Buba Maro je sais pas trop). C’est fait avec mon Martin S0 “vintage” de 2005 (et oui il n’est […]

Phil Doleman – Wallace and Gromit Theme

No ratings yet. Great tune for the uke…. YouTube Channel: PhilDoleman His Notes: Crackin’ tune Gromit! To read the TAB below, paste it into Notepad and set the font to Courier. Wallace and Gromit Theme. Tabbed by Phil Doleman |3———–0—3———–0—|3—– ­————————–| |1—————1—————|0—–­–3——-0—————| |0—————0—————|0—–­——————0——-| |2——-3——-2——-3——-|0—0-­——0——-0——-0—| |5——-5—7——-5—3—1—|0—–­————————–| |6———–8——-6—5—3—|1—–­–0———————–| |5——————————-|0—–­———-2——-0——-| |7—5—————————|2—–­————————–| |3———–0—3———–0—|3—–­————————–| |1—————1—————|0—–­–3——-0—————| |0—————0—————|0—–­——————0——-| |2——-3——-2——-3——-|0—0-­——0——-0——-0—| |5——-5—7——-5——-7—|8—–­———-8—8—7—5—| |6———–8——-6——-8—|5—–­———-5—————| |5——————————-|5—–­———-5—————| […]

Denton Latham – Somewhere Over the Rainbow

No ratings yet. Call me a sentimentalist, but this song still gets me every time…. YouTube Channel: 3FACTR His Notes: Denton Latham (13) performs his version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow (a variation of Jason Castro / Izzy version) on a Mainland Tenor ukulele. Center for Home Educator’s talent show. December 2010. Please rate this […]

Michelle Blades – My Own Home

No ratings yet. I swear she can even make Disney sound exotic…. YouTube Channel: michelleblades Thanks to UkeToob Friend HaileISela for the tip on the one Please rate this Video Rating

WS64 – Harry Potter

No ratings yet. Excellent interpretation of Hedwig’s Theme…. YouTube Channel: WS64 Please rate this Video Rating

Sebi – My Neighbor Totoro

No ratings yet. Sebi is back from his confrontation with the evil music industry empire stronger than ever with a great performance (including on-screen lyrics and chords) of the theme from Hayao Miyazaki’s excellent film, My Neighbor Totoro…. YouTube Channel: thesebinextdoor The Greatest Living Film Maker: Hayao Miyazaki Please rate this Video Rating

John Caudrey – Everybody’s Talkin’

No ratings yet. John Caudrey and his partner, Becca, are new to uke videos, but they have a strong performing background and it shows…. Buy @ Amazon: Harry Nilsson Buy @ Amazon: Midnight Cowboy YouTube Channel: johncaudrey Chords and Lyrics: Harry Nilsson Everybody’s Talkin’ – Ukulele Please rate this Video Rating

Sebi – The Goonies R Good Enough

No ratings yet. Sebi applies his patented multi-track skills to Cyndi Lauper’s Goonies theme song…. Buy @ Amazon: The Goonies Buy @ Amazon: Cyndi Lauper YouTube Channel: monsterbazz Chords and Lyrics: Cyndi Lauper The Goonies R Good Enough – Ukulele (Sebi says he plays it a half step down in C#m) Thanks to AnnaUK for […]