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Heavy Baron – Stones in my Passway

5/5 (1) Stomp…. YouTube Channel: BaronK69 Their Notes: Life has been pretty hectic lately, but me and Heavy managed to steel a few minutes for a quick and dirty take on the classic Robert Johnson blues “Stones in my passway”. Copyright disclaimer: We didn’t write this song, nor do we own the rights to it. […]

Blue Dean Carcione – I was in the House

No ratings yet. Another incredible suggestion from UncleJeff64…. YouTube Channel: BlueDeanCarcione His Notes: Song by the great Warren Zevon. Blue Dean Carcione performing between two beds in the kids’ room. Sorry for the unmade one. I’m playing a Lanikai Concert Ukulele and my suitcase drum machine. Please rate this Video Rating

FaceMeltingUkulele – Drift Away

No ratings yet. That is some voice…. YouTube Channel: FaceMeltingUkulele His Notes: Blues Ukulele cover of “Drift Away” inspired by Guy Cruz and Dobie Gray. Koaloha Tenor Sceptre Ukulele courtesy of Follow me on: Facebook: Twitter: Myspace: Recordings of my original music are available on these albums: JMD EP …a collection […]

Uncle Jeff – Somebody’s Good Dog

No ratings yet. Classic….. YouTube Channel: unclejeff64 His Notes: no, it ain’t about a dead dog! it’s a metaphor dang it! i loved that woman more than she ever knowed now somebody’s good dog is layin’ by the road took him for a ride and left him out in the cold now somebody’s good dog […]

Ken Middleton – Ganster Blues Improv

5/5 (1) Beautiful…. YouTube Channel: KenMiddletonUkulele His Notes: People seemed to like this tree, so I went back and did another recording. It starts off as a sort of Bonnie and Clyde thing. It then strays into something else that sounds maybe a bit gangsterish. Finally we’re back to Bonnie and Clyde. It’s a great […]

Meylie Mellow & Rel-Bar – She Keeps the Blues Away

No ratings yet. Meylie and Rel-Bar with another great cover of a UkeToob favorite, UncleJeff64…. YouTube Channel: MeylieMellow Their Notes: WE’VE BEEN UNCLEJEFFED!!! Thanks so much to UncleJeff64 for giving away not one but TWO vintage plastic ukuleles from his very own collection: a Playtune Senior and a Mauna Loa… Is this really real?!? We […]

BaronK69 – Rock in my Shoe

No ratings yet. Oh yeah…. YouTube Channel: BaronK69 His Notes: Just a simple blues song I’ve been playing around with for awhile. Please rate this Video Rating

Doogey9 – Moving Out Blues

No ratings yet. My apologies for the discombobulation on the site – moving to a new theme and I still have some corners to round and t’s to cross, so I know how you are feeling, Todd – good luck with your move! YouTube Channel: Doogey9 Please rate this Video Rating

Interview – tUnE-YaRdS

5/5 (1) Editors Note: Due to a busy week here, we will be replaying our interview series.  When I talked to Merrill back in October 2008, she was self-publishing her BiRd-BrAiNs album.  Since then, she signed with 4AD, did not get her arse handed to her by Pitchfork (no small feat there), and even has […]

Little6ster – I was Born with the Blues

4.33/5 (3) UkeToob tipster UncleJeff64 may be right – this could be the video of the year…. YouTube Channel: Little6ster Please rate this Video Rating

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