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KittenMildew – 8 Heads High

Holy finger-picking, Batman – and that voice too…. YouTube Channel: kittenmildew

wwelti – The Old Turf Fire

Nice finger-picking on this Irish folk tune…. YouTube Channel: wwelti

Ken Middleton – Ashokan Farewell

Beautiful…. YouTube Channel: KenMiddletonUkulele From his notes: Although it is in the style of a Scottish lament, this beautiful tune was composed by Jay Unger in 1982. I have just used the tune and worked my own arrangement around it. It has not been my intention to copy any existing version. The title refers to […]

Svavar Knutur – Fra Lidnu Vori

Stolen from the excellent Ukulele & Languages blog…. YouTube Channel: MrKnutur

ackeim – Working On a Building

Still love this myamoe resonator – picking is pretty good too…. YouTube Channel: ackeim