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Ooks of Hazzard – Live

5/5 (1) Great live set from the Denver Ukefest…. YouTube Channel: zggary Their Notes: presents THE OOKS Recorded live at the 4th Annual 2011 Denver Ukefest. The OOKs performed REDNECK MOTHER, KIDS and MAN OF CONSTANT SORROW. Film directed by Gary Crabtree Please rate this Video Rating

Boulder Acoustic Society Recording to Wax

No ratings yet. A sneak peak of the Boulder Acoustic Society recording the The Quite American on a wax cylinder…. YouTube Channel: ackeim Please rate this Video Rating

Ben Mealer – I Saw Stars

No ratings yet. Ben, who’s singing and mouth trumpeting are a perfect match for the banjolele, does a great job on this song he learned from a tutorial by Coveywood. YouTube Channel: benmealer Tutorial: Coveywood – I Saw Stars Please rate this Video Rating

Sheepstar15 – Ain’t Nobody’s Business

No ratings yet. Bessie Smith’s “Ain’t Nobody’s Business” by way of Eric Clapton’s version played on a beautiful Makapili pineapple uke with just enough reverb to make it awesome …. YouTube Channel: Sheepstar15 Chords and Lyrics: Bessie Smith Ain’t Nobody’s Business – Ukulele Please rate this Video Rating

plexophonic – I’m Pau

No ratings yet. Plexophonic back with another fun multi-track-split-screen extravaganza…. YouTube Channel: Plexophonic Please rate this Video Rating

Doogey9 – Cryin Holy Unto the Lord

No ratings yet. Todd, who you may know better as the insanely prolific Doogey9, is dedicating a week worth of new videos to his baritone uke. Knowing a good idea when we hear it, UkeToob is following suit by only publishing baritone videos this week. YouTube Channel: Doogey9 Baritone Ukulele Hunt: Please rate this […]

Sweet Hollywaiians – My Girl From The South Sea Isles

No ratings yet. One of the new songs on the Sweet Hollywaiians` new album, “Ticklin` the Strings.” CDbaby: YouTube Channel: MySpace: Facebook: Please rate this Video Rating

boundless – Ukulele Lady

No ratings yet. Way fun cover of the ukulele classic…. YouTube Channel: boundless Chords and Lyrics: Khan and Whiting Ukulele Lady – Ukulele Please rate this Video Rating

PaulinaSinaga – In The Jailhouse Now

No ratings yet. Paulina rocking the uke, bass and a mop beard…. YouTube Channel: paulinasinaga Chords and Lyrics: Webb Pierce In the Jailhouse Now Please rate this Video Rating

Portland Ukulele Big Band – Alexander`s Ragtime Band

No ratings yet. From Jim D’Ville, who made the video: James Hill presented a three-day workshop at this year’s Portland Ukulele Festival entitled “Ukulele Big Band”. James wrote a big band arrangement of Alexander’s Ragtime Band and then taught the different “horn” parts to the class. On day three, the Portland Ukulele Big Band made […]

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