Portland Ukulele Big Band – Alexander`s Ragtime Band

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From Jim D’Ville, who made the video:
James Hill presented a three-day workshop at this year’s Portland Ukulele Festival entitled “Ukulele Big Band”. James wrote a big band arrangement of Alexander’s Ragtime Band and then taught the different “horn” parts to the class. On day three, the Portland Ukulele Big Band made its debut performance in the Student Union at Reed College. You had to be there! The sound was incredible. I can’t wait until next year to hear The Portland Ukulele Bigger Band! I wasn’t in the class, I was on the faculty of the festival teaching Play Ukulele by Ear, a new approach to rid the world of excessive paper with chord symbols written on it.
YouTube Channel: jimdville
Portland Uke Fest: www.portlandukefest.org
Jim’s Band, Caravan Gogh: www.caravangogh.com

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