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Colin R Tribe – I Only Want to be with You

No ratings yet. Yet another bang on instrumental arrangement.  I completely recommend ordering his collection of tabs – great value….. YouTube Channel: ColinRTribe His Notes: The first solo release for Dusty Springfield and performed by her on the first ever edition of the BBC’s Top of the Pops on January 1st 1964. Here on Ukulele, […]

TheJumpingFlea – In the Muk

No ratings yet. Great original instrumental…. YouTube Channel: thejumpingflea His Notes: This is a new original instrumental about my hometown of Mukilteo. I hope you enjoy it! Played on a Moore Bettah Tenor ukulele with an Audio Technica 4041 condenser microphone. Please rate this Video Rating

Ukulele Tim – Larry O’Gaff and Swallowtail

5/5 (1) Wow! YouTube Channel: ukuleletim Their Notes: Swallowtail TAB here: Larry O’Gaff TAB here: This is an homage to John King and James Hill for my favorite ukulele performance..ever. Larry O’Gaff Swallowtail medley. I first saw the performance video just after John King left us, shortly after I began playing ukulele. It […]

SanfordAndSong – In Heaven

No ratings yet.   Or at least close to heaven…. YouTube Channel: sanfordandsong His Notes: Ukulele version of the “Lady in the Radiator” piece from Eraserhead, set to a slideshow of some photos I took at the Lafayette Cemetery in New Orleans.. Please rate this Video Rating

SanfordAndSong – Hoist that Rag

No ratings yet. Fantastic version…. YouTube Channel: sanfordandsong His Notes: A ukulele version of Hoist that Rag in a “cuban flamenco” style. The arrangement was learned from a fantastic uke player known as “waitswatcher” (although his version has a much more sophisticated picking pattern). Waitswatcher’s channel has a link to a free download of his […]

Colin R Tribe – The Air that I Breathe

No ratings yet. Colin nails another great arrangement for solo uke…. YouTube Channel: colinrtribe Please rate this Video Rating

Thom Brennan – 2108 Revisited

No ratings yet. Another great performance (on uke and 5 gallon water bottle) recommended by Grumpy Coyote on the Uke Crazy Bitches blog…. YouTube Channel: ukecantdothat Please rate this Video Rating

Woodshed – Music For A Found Harmonium

No ratings yet. Armelle’s excellent interview with Al Wood, the undisputed “World’s Most Handsome Ukulele Blogger Whose Abbreviated Web Site Name is a Pun for a Very Insulting Phrase on this Side of the Pond“,  featured this cover of one of my favorite songs of all time…. Buy @ Amazon: Penguin Cafe Orchestra Web Site: […]

Phil Doleman – Angry Beavers Theme

No ratings yet. Back when my evil spawn ruled the TV remote, The Angry Beavers was the only show they liked that didn’t make me want to poke my own eyes out, so I still have a soft spot for this song…. YouTube Channel: PhilDoleman Please rate this Video Rating