Ukulele Tim – Larry O’Gaff and Swallowtail

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YouTube Channel: ukuleletim

Their Notes: Swallowtail TAB here: Larry O’Gaff TAB here:

This is an homage to John King and James Hill for my favorite ukulele performance..ever. Larry O’Gaff Swallowtail medley.

I first saw the performance video just after John King left us, shortly after I began playing ukulele. It moved me like nothing ever has.

Months later I discovered Al Hunt (woodshed1 on youtube and online) had transcribed the Larry O’Gaff part. Yay!! I knew what I would be doing for a while. So grateful to Al!

Then I set about learning the Swallowtail part from watching the video.

At the same time my friend Jim was on the same uke journey and gladly jumped in on learning my version of a James Hill type accompaniment. As a new uke player himself, his natural talent quickly found the groove.

I couldn’t quite clean James’ monostrum and even contacted him for advice. He said most people can’t get it, so I didn’t feel bad. So I approached it from where I thought John King would and arranged a campanella version of Hill’s performance, as far as the harmony lines went. And this is the result.

I miss John King like you wouldn’t know. He is still my biggest influence, as I come from a classical guitar history. But I tell you I am so happy that James Hill is still sharing with us. I frequently refer to him as a master and a monster musician. Because he is.

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