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Carlos – Mr. Sandman

5/5 (2) Always end up humming this tune for days…. YouTube Channel: carlosnyan His Notes: チェット・アトキンス先生の名演でも有名な[Mr Sandman]をウクレレソロで真似してみました。 Google Translated: Chet Atkins 名演 famous teacher [Mr Sandman] I tried to imitate a ukulele solo Please rate this Video Rating

GUGUG – Surfin Bird

No ratings yet. I don’t know if you’ve heard the word…. YouTube Channel: GUGUG Please rate this Video Rating

Evalenza – Can’t Help Falling

No ratings yet. I am a total sap for this song…. YouTube Channel: evalenza Please rate this Video Rating

LStrachey – Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B

No ratings yet. Another great instrumental by LStrachey.  Watch it again to note the variety of strumming and picking patterns. YouTube Channel: LStrachey Please rate this Video Rating

africatwin07 – Georgia on my Mind

No ratings yet. Excellent instrumental take on the Hoagy Carmichael/Ray Charles classic…. YouTube Channel: africatwin07 Chords and Lyrics: Ray Charles Georgia on my Mind – Ukulele Please rate this Video Rating

Monsterbazz – Enjoy Yourself

No ratings yet. Sebi kicks this Doris Day song up with a reggae groove…. YouTube Channel: monsterbazz Chords and Lyrics: Doris Day Enjoy Yourself Please rate this Video Rating

Coveywood – Mr. Sandman

No ratings yet. Even though I have put up several of Coveywood’s “Best Strum” videos, it never occurred to me to look for his full songs. Thanks to Ben Mealer for pointing out this excellent performance with his Pindrop Band…. YouTube Channel: coveywood Chords and Lyrics: Pat Ballard Mr Sandman – Ukulele Please rate this […]

sweetafton23 – Only You

No ratings yet. Lovely song, but it makes my Fluke-Envy itch.   YouTube Channel: sweetafton23  Chords and Lyrics: Platters Only You Chords and Lyrics Please rate this Video Rating