Lisaxy24 – Thanks for the Ride

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Lisa’s originals just keep getting better and better….

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Chords and Lyrics: Lisa Hatfield – Thanks for the Ride

G – D – C – D – C7

You came out of nowhere
And I have to admit
At times
I would worry

But now that
I’m drunk on you
Everything looks better
a little bit blurry

It’s like a roller coaster
when there’s no line
an instant thrill,
but it will leave you dizzy

And even though I know
eventually this will stop
I liked it when my
imagination was busy


C – G – Cdim – Em
You sat there so patiently
and waited for me to come around
And now that we’re finally on the same page
I have found
This is what I’ve been wanting
the entire time
C – G
and to not do something with it
A7 – D – C7
would be such a crime

G – D – C – D – C7

You make me feel
like no one else
ever has before

And each time you kiss me
you leave me
wanting more

And even though I may be soft spoken
my passion,
I will never hide

You got me to where I wanted to be,
so thanks for the ride

(Dahs X2) – G7

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