Uncle Jeff – Thank You!

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If you haven’t noticed, I have started winding down this site.  After daily posts for almost three years, I find my interests and time being pulled in directions away from the ukulele universe – not that I don’t still play daily – just that I have other things I want to do more.

August 5th will be my final post, and come September 29th, I will allow the domain name to slip back into the ether.  From now until then, please forgive my indulgence as I use my remaining posts to thanks those who helped make the experience so rewarding.

First up is one of my favorite ukers and a true class act – Uncle Jeff.  Jeff is exactly as gregarious, friendly and giving as you would expect from watching him perform.  From my experience with him, the only mean bone in his body he has honed into one nasty clawhammer so he could kick out some killer tunes.

By the time he asked me to review his new album, the fine Hillbilly Uke, my orbit around the uke was already so wide that I didn’t feel I could do it the justice it deserves.  In shallow stead of the superlative review it warrants, I can only offer this: Jeff – every time one of yours songs comes up in rotation on my iPod, I smile.  Your music makes my day, and I thank you for it!

Don Lawson (AKA Donnie Bubbles)

Song: Strawberry Plains

YouTube Channel: unclejeff64

Buy Hillbilly Uke: iTunes

His Notes: very different from what i usually write.
more chords and words anyway.
100% autobiographical as well.
for me and jeri and that old gray cat.
performed on my 1947 gibson tenor.

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