Ukulollo – Butterflies

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Ukulollo posted a video with lyrics for each song on his new album:

YouTube Channel: krenfilm

His Notes: dowload the mp3 song or the whole album at

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Thanks to Nicola Mansutti for having played the violin with such an Italian feeling

Music: Lorenzo Vignando
Lyrics: Lorenzo Vignando, Fabio Barbon
Featuring Nicola Mansutti: Violin

You can just throw away
All your options but one
You can be in the dark
Staring straight at the sun

When you’re about to win
You can give up the fight
And go help Charlie Brown with that kite

You can be in the first place
Turn and run the wrong way
You can do what you want

If you don’t care to fail

You can write a great book
And then rip every page
Love someone half or double your age

Worse or better
Doesn’t matter
At all

The smell of a bluberry tart
Cooling by the window
A melody you know by heart

You can see if you’re pleased
Planet earth as a ship
And our fears as a lack of fantasy

You can make a new moon
If you just figure it out
Don’t you know what I’m talking about

Worse or better
Doesn’t matter

The loundry in the garden lies
Colorfull in springtime
Your dresses full of butterflies

And I admit
That even though you hide
I couldn’t ignore you if I tried

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