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TheSebiNextDoor – All I Want for Christmas

No ratings yet. Almost out of time for xmas songs…. YouTube Channel: thesebinextdoor His Notes:After our first collaboration on Molly’s Lips, my friend Beat and I decided to collaborate on a Christmas song. Btw, can you tell who the white-bearded Santa is? — Merry Christmas! Please rate this Video Rating

Heftone – Ragging the Scale

No ratings yet. Impressive fretting…. YouTube Channel: heftone Please rate this Video Rating

Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer – Songs for Acid Edward

No ratings yet. Mr. B never fails to delight and amaze…. YouTube Channel: sgtrock70 His Notes: The Second in Mr.B’s ‘Histories’ series. Seven Rave classics. In five minutes. On the Banjolele. ‘I Say!’, Mr.B’s second long player is available now from ‘The Chap-Hop Shop’ via ‘Flattery Not Included’ is available here Video by […]

KittenMildew – 8 Heads High

3/5 (2) Holy finger-picking, Batman – and that voice too…. YouTube Channel: kittenmildew Please rate this Video Rating

BaronK69 – Rock in my Shoe

No ratings yet. Oh yeah…. YouTube Channel: BaronK69 His Notes: Just a simple blues song I’ve been playing around with for awhile. Please rate this Video Rating

WS64 – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

No ratings yet. Expertly done yet again…. YouTube Channel: WS64 His Notes: From the movie “Meet Me in St. Louis” (1944). Original singer is Judy Garland, who met her future husband Vincente Minnelli on the set. My version is played on a Brüko 4 soprano ukulele, hardly visible at all becasue of a flower. I […]

Puffin312 – Count on Me

No ratings yet. Not a big Bruno fan, but this cover is charming…. YouTube Channel: Puffin312 Her Notes: Just wanted to say an early MERRY CHRISTMAS!! And a big THANK YOU to everyone who’s viewed, commented, liked and favourited one of my videos!! It really does mean the world xxx I’ve got a busy christmas […]

The Sopranos – Sweet Sue

No ratings yet. Great combo…. YouTube Channel: allthatjazz2000 Sweet Sue performed by the Sopranos; Soprano uke and soprano saxophone. The Sopranos are a busking group who perform around the UK including the Edinburgh Festival. Please rate this Video Rating

UkesterBrown – I Found a Million Dollar Baby

No ratings yet. Love Ukester Brown’s dedication to finding the lost verses…. YouTube Channel: UkesterBrown His Notes: Mort DIxon, Billy Rose, and Harry Warren wrote this song in 1931. Last week I was able to track down a second verse to this well known chorus. This was a special request from my friend Michèle B. […]

wwelti – The Old Turf Fire

4/5 (1) Nice finger-picking on this Irish folk tune…. YouTube Channel: wwelti Please rate this Video Rating

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