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SanfordAndSong – Hoist that Rag

No ratings yet. Fantastic version…. YouTube Channel: sanfordandsong His Notes: A ukulele version of Hoist that Rag in a “cuban flamenco” style. The arrangement was learned from a fantastic uke player known as “waitswatcher” (although his version has a much more sophisticated picking pattern). Waitswatcher’s channel has a link to a free download of his […]

Ken Middleton – Noodling by the Fire

No ratings yet. Now this gets me in the mood for Christmas…. YouTube Channel: KenMiddletonUkulele His Notes: I wanted to record something by the fire. Just a bit of noodling around. It is incredibly cold in England at the moment, that’s why I had a open fire. And yes, I do live in a museum. […]

Colin R Tribe – Eye of the Tiger

5/5 (2) Colin’s arrangement is so good it almost knocks the Rocky out of this much maligned tune…. YouTube Channel: ColinRTribe His Notes: Theme from Rocky by Sullivan & Peterik, here arranged and played on soprano Ukulele by Colin Tribe. Music & tabs of this arrangement freely available from Please rate this Video Rating

Al (WoodShed) Wood – Jingle Bell Rock

No ratings yet. Love the turnaround…. YouTube Channel: Woodshed1 Please rate this Video Rating

Kazulele – Blue Moon

No ratings yet. Dang this guy just makes me happy! Thanks to Ben Mealer for the tip…. YouTube Channel: kazulele Please rate this Video Rating

IanReentrant – Disinterested Cat

No ratings yet. Ian does his best to get a rise out of his cat (spoiler alert) to no avail…. YouTube Channel: IanReentrant His Notes: If you ever wondered how a cat would react if you played hits of the 1920s at them on a Pocket Uke, don’t bother. The little bugger made a point […]

plexophonic – I’ll See You in My Dreams

No ratings yet. Don’t know how we missed this one…. YouTube Channel: plexophonic From his notes: Music by Isham Jones & Gus Kahn. 4 song EP, “plexophonic ep1”, available. $6.50 US/$8.00 International. Order through PayPal to Please rate this Video Rating

Ben Mealer – My Blue Heaven

No ratings yet. Not that he asked for nominations, but I would like to add Ben’s name to Grumpy’s List of Very Few People Who are Naturally Cool Enough to Wear a Funky Hat…. YouTube Channel: benmealer His Notes: “My Blue Heaven” is a popular song. The music was written by Walter Donaldson (1893–1947), the […]

SheepStar15 – Winter Wonderland

No ratings yet. I was gonna try and hold off on the xmas vids for a while, but yesterday’s was so good, and SheepStar15 can do no wrong, so what the heck – Merry Christmas…. YouTube Channel: Sheepstar15 Her Notes: This song was written by Felix Bernard and Richard B Smith in 1934, and first […]

Jim Persky – Peanuts Xmas Song

No ratings yet. All of the xmas songs, this is the one that gets me every time…. YouTube Channel: uke4ia Please rate this Video Rating

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