Parker Coleman – Black Walnut Stomp

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Great original number from Parker, whose emails I regretfully have not been keeping up with (sorry!)

YouTube Channel: jinfuuu

Alternate Version 2:

Alternate Version 3:

Lord my friends are dead and gone and I won’t be here for long
All the things I have seen, it’s like living in a dream, some kind of dream,

Go and find yerself a love, get some help from up above
tie your self to yer friends you will need them in the end, in the end, your gonna need em.

Can’t you hear me calling, calling from the past
Can’t you see your falling, nothings gonna last
All your life your dreaming, so live your dream (follow) (find)

take some time to look around you will see whats going down
and the moment that you know it is time for you to go go, let it go,
just let it go.

and yes sir I have a girl, and she is my total world
But inside I live in fear of the time she won’t be here, even she
Will disappear.

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One Comment

  1. Parker Coleman November 4th, 2010 2:42 pm

    Jeez, no worries Donnie. I am grateful you posted me… Congrats on a great site. It has introduced me to some great players…
    This was the first version of the song…it has been revised and can be viewed on youtube. Thanks again buddy and keep up the good work.

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