Interview – Jake Shimabukuro – Pt 2

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Part 2 – The second half of my interview with Jake.

0:00 – In addition to your solo work, you have toured
and recorded with musicians as diverse as Bela Fleck, Jimmy Buffet and
Yo Yo Ma. In which of these situations do you feel most comfortable,
and in which do you feel the most challenged creatively?

5:00 – Your brother, Bruce, is a talented ukulele player
too. Do you have plans to work together on any projects?

6:10 – James Hill is the other ukulele player in your range.
Do you know each other, and will there ever be a Jake/James duet?

7:35 – At the other end of the ukulele experience range,
there is me. If I was a baseball fan and met Babe Ruth, I would have to
ask him to play a game of catch. I would like to try and play something
together with you, if that’s okay? (Last Excuse: This is my first
performance on video, and I’m sure you can guess who was hitting the
flat notes ;-

Jake Shimabukuro: Jake Shimabukuro

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Photo Credit: Hisashi Uchida

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