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KittenMildew – 8 Heads High

3/5 (2) Holy finger-picking, Batman – and that voice too…. YouTube Channel: kittenmildew Please rate this Video Rating

Mike Kassel – One Ukulele

No ratings yet. From his notes: Buy the mp3 at Original song tribute to the ukulele made up of photo contributions from members of A song about the positive spirit and beauty of the ululele – I hope you like it. YouTube Channel: archivestereo Please rate this Video Rating

ArchiveStereo – Middle Aged Guy with a Ukulele

No ratings yet. I think I might be one of those too…. Lyrics: I’m Just a middle-aged guy with a ukulele a little thick around the middle and a little too old to be a big star yeah, baby, on YouTube TV I’m just a mid-life crisis right before your eyes but it really shouldn’t […]

Scampi – The First

No ratings yet. Scampi (Chipswow) with an artsy original…. YouTube Channel: Chipswow Please rate this Video Rating

Jacob Borshard – Indiana Jones was a Bad Ass

No ratings yet. Another performer I would never had heard of if it weren’t for the fine Ukulele Hunt site.  The song starts at 3:00 if you have no sense of humor…. YouTube Channel: creebobby Jacob is still giving away his great albums at: Please rate this Video Rating

lisaxy424 – Hurts so Good

5/5 (1) Lisa’s excellent offering to Grumpy’s Bring the Song Challenge…. YouTube Channel: lisaxy424 Hurts So Good Lisaxy424 – 2010 G-D-F-C9 Silly Girl, she should have known better. This has happened many times before. But it didn’t stop her, in fact, it let her just keep on going back for more. CHORUS G-Em-CM7-D More of […]

Mugambismonkey – Microwave Minute

No ratings yet. Celebrating his 300th subscriber and contributing to the Bring the Song Challenge…. YouTube Channel: mugambismonkey MP3: Lyrics: 1) Time slows down, while I’m waiting for my food to heat in the microwave and there is really nothing else to eat, I can feel my appetite grow, while the minutes pass incredibly […]

Howlin’ Hobbit – He Might be a Vampire

No ratings yet. Uketoob favorite performer, Howlin’ Hobbit, back online with an original tune…. YouTube Channel: HowlinHobbit Please rate this Video Rating

Lila Burns – Just What We Needed

No ratings yet. Another way cool original from Lila…. YouTube Channel: lololobotomy Lyrics: one day the clouds just parted and the blue just bled right out hitting almost every corner spilling all over the ground and i thought “this just what we needed” and i said “this is just what we needed” and we raised […]

Danielle Ate the Sandwich – American Dream

No ratings yet. Another song from her new album, Two Bedroom Apartment…. YouTube Channel: DaniellesMagic Please rate this Video Rating

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