Al “Woodshed” Wood – One Handed Ukulele

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Our new robot overlords may be able to beat us at Jeopardy, but could they ever even come up with the idea to try this….

YouTube Channel: Woodshed1

His Notes: Someone on on Yahoo Answers who doesn’t have use of their right hand asked if it was possible to play uke one-handed. So I took it as a personal challenge.…

Self imposed rules: No electric uke or fancy effects. I have to play a recognisable tune, not just random widdling. It has to be as ukulele-like as possible.

Conclusion: It’s tricky but I think with a bit more practice (and after developing a better pinkie callous) it could work.

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  1. Al February 20th, 2011 11:33 am

    Thanks for the feature, Donnie. I’m actually quite tempted to keep practicing this to see if I can make it halfway decent.

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