UncleJeff64 – Sugar High

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I have been woefully neglectful of Uncle Jeff, who is not only one of my favorite ukers, but a damn fine fellow to boot.  He put out an album some months ago, and I promised him a feature, but just haven’t been able to scrape the time together to do it right.  In the meantime, do check out his album – it’s really great!

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hillbilly-uke/id407433342

YouTube Channel: unclejeff64

His Notes: hadn’t done a video on a plastic uke in a long time….and had never done a proper video on this uke in particular which is exactly like the one i got for my third birthday. (there’s a clip of that around here somewhere….)
wrote this a long time ago. maybe my only “rock and roll” song…..or maybe they’re ALL rock and roll songs. here’s Sugar High, recorded live in my wife’s bathroom.

i’m on a sugar high
you know i can’t stand still
don’tcha know that i
can’t ever get my fill
sugar sugar high
jumpin’ outta my skin
don’tcha know that i
gotta see you again

lord knows she’s always willin’
i never can get enough
i’m like a little kid in a candy store
baby’s got the sweetest stuff

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