Lila Burns – Witching Hour

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Quickly becoming my favorite performer….

YouTube Channel: lololobotomy

Her Notes: new song written/recorded in a day :]

woke myself up at 3 in the morning sleep talking bout things that i should know by now, but will tell myself later cos i don’t know how so i guess i’ll wait for the witching hour when the old souls wake to tell their stories once more till then i will just toss and turn toss and turn lose and urn till the day i finally learn

the suuuuuuuuun hadn’t risen felt like the only one awake save for people on the freeway driving stoney red-eyed riders who are gonna end up at the same mile marker again and again every morning that i find myself waking up wondering why it is that i keep waking myself…

deeeeeeep love for the very first draft those mighty big steps towards perfecting my craft while i’m still young i’m gonna fall on my ass so that when i am old
be-the-one whose laughing-last about the bruises and the scrapes and the time that it takes so that all that remains are reminders of the days when i’d wake…

sleep deeply dream freely feel the warmth of eyes closed tightly breath smoothly heart beats soundly cos its the right time to rest your weary eyes and hold your tongue for a little whiiiiiiiile tonight i won’t speak a single word

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  1. Howlin' Hobbit January 17th, 2011 12:43 pm

    Lila’s lyrics disobey many, if not most, of the rules I put on my lyric writing. Yet they’re always impressive and work beautifully.

    How *does* she do it?

    (I guess the answer to that question is, “pretty darn well.”)

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