BaronK69 – Grimasch om Morgonen

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In any language, Baron is the bomb….

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His Notes: About a moth ago I fell on the icy road and crushed the beautiful cedar top of the soprano Sven had built for me. Luckily he managed to fix it again and made it even better than before. It now features a glossy shellac, fancy side bindings and nail guards of ash (never lend me your uke – I scratch instruments badly).

Copyright disclaimer: This song was not written by me but by the great Dutch-Swedish troubadour Cornelis Vreeswijk. If you like it please buy an authorized copy of the song.

I have made a quick attempt to translate the lyrics for the benefit of non swedish viewers:

Now the dew is falling and the sun is rising
But you cannot hear it
You lie without blouse or skirt on
With your lips against my ear
Be serious, you sternly ask
You’re laughing out songs and singing jokes
You can, but will not write
a song about the fragile happiness

Now the sun is rising and the dew is falling
for poor people and for the rich.
But Luck has a poisoned thorn
that one should carefully avoid.
She happily lingers for a few days
but when you want to capture her
her eyes turn cold as ice
and you become as bitter as bile

Now the dew is falling without a sound
and grass and leaves get wet
And every morning, the sun is the bride
though no wedding hymns sound
Ann-Catherine, you should know that
there is a certain happiness that die from laughter.
But it wants to be held at night
Then it becomes as still as water.

Get out of bed now, Ann-Catherine
and listen to something important.
There is a special kind of noble wine
that you should enjoy carefully.
Because if you drink it carelessly
it loses its former shine
And all you have got left is an empty bottle
of bitter tears and ashes.

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