Lila Burns – Again and Again

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Another original from a real talent….

YouTube Channel: lololobotomy

Her Notes: finally had a chance to record something, winter break rocks

every time i want to slow down things just get faster every deeper breath we take just makes the air a little thinner this apparent contradiction is a blessing and affliction and it all feels much more worth it through the lens of retrospection all the bad things i remember still have something fine to teach me and i know that if i live honest somehow good things are to reach me i don’t want you to think me so melancholy but the ups and downs play equal parts in finding any meaning

breath in breath out eyes closed eyes wide open right foot left foot mad sad happy jokin just goin through the motions day dreams silent sleeping just making not to fake it never sleeping forever waking up

there are people in this world who cause more questions than they answer know trying to solve everyone just makes the tiny details fester there are things best left to chance, not fate, just simple happenstance roots reach much deeper than puppet strings a lesson’s here somewhere

this songs stuck in my head spinning round round round till i know every secret meaning i could ever find the signifiers broken down and metaphors all analyzed and i know it wasn’t written for me but i feel it sings to everything i see and all i’m ever gonna see and all i’m ever gonna do and all that i still do not know about me what would you do if you had the chance
to clear something up ask to redo a big fuck up
isn’t it nice to imagine chance to relive your whole past again and again, again and again and again how would you grow with the chance to know all that you should expect anticipate the nextstep surely theres value in the ability to adapt again and again, again and again and again

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