africatwin07 – Walking Stick

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Fun performance followed by a great tutorial….

YouTube Channel: africatwin07

His performance notes: From 1938, the Irving Berlin song, probably best known for the Leon Redbone version.
Tony and Shay asked me for the chords to this, and rather than type them up and email them, I decided to do a wee tutorial instead. I’m still fiddling with bits of the tune myself, but this is basically how it goes.

Chord shapes are as follows, where 0000=open GCEA, i.e. C = 0003

0231 (

3434 (6767)(

2223 (5655)

0333 (0786)


Run on A = 2100, 6400, 9700

The C#Dim7 shape turns up in lots of stuff and can represent a few different chords, it’s a great shape to get used to, especially for sliding up the fretboard.

Hope this is of use lads, I hope to play it with ye at the Ukuhooley next week so get practising.

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