UkeHunt Saturday UkeTube Special 2.0

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This is my second humble attempt to keep you entertained in Woodshed’s absence and boy I am glad he comes back next week cause this is a lot more work than it looks! Out of respect (and a little tiny bit of laziness) we begin and end with the man himself….
With a little “you, you got what I need” bonus round for good measure….

Katiephampham – Maybe I Will

Excellent Julia Nunes cover by the always fun Katie….

<Not one of Woodshed’s favorite performers, but then he’s not here, now is he….

Melissa McCraw – First Day of My Life
Charming and heartfelt performance….

Fair warning! Tab those great songs now or the vigilantes will rise up and do it for you!

Always a pleasure….

Demonstrating why he is qualified to write the book on uke strumming….

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  1. Woodshed August 16th, 2009 1:41 am

    Holy mess! That version of First Day… was fantastic. I usually skip past all the obvious covers. But that was great.

    And thanks for the double feature of that handsome guy.

  2. Donnie Bubbles August 16th, 2009 5:02 am

    Thanks Al!
    On the "camera to keep up with your strum" issue: start with more light. Video camera's need more light to keep up with fast motion. If that doesn't work, we have had good luck with the Sanyo VPC-FH1 HD 1080p Flash Memory Camcorder w/ 16x advance zoom (Black) $400US. I can't match your speed and make something that would pass for music at the same time, but I will try and post it as a video reply to your vid on youTube.

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