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Kazulele – Blue Moon

No ratings yet. Dang this guy just makes me happy! Thanks to Ben Mealer for the tip…. YouTube Channel: kazulele Please rate this Video Rating

IanReentrant – Disinterested Cat

No ratings yet. Ian does his best to get a rise out of his cat (spoiler alert) to no avail…. YouTube Channel: IanReentrant His Notes: If you ever wondered how a cat would react if you played hits of the 1920s at them on a Pocket Uke, don’t bother. The little bugger made a point […]

plexophonic – I’ll See You in My Dreams

No ratings yet. Don’t know how we missed this one…. YouTube Channel: plexophonic From his notes: Music by Isham Jones & Gus Kahn. 4 song EP, “plexophonic ep1”, available. $6.50 US/$8.00 International. Order through PayPal to Please rate this Video Rating

Ben Mealer – My Blue Heaven

No ratings yet. Not that he asked for nominations, but I would like to add Ben’s name to Grumpy’s List of Very Few People Who are Naturally Cool Enough to Wear a Funky Hat…. YouTube Channel: benmealer His Notes: “My Blue Heaven” is a popular song. The music was written by Walter Donaldson (1893–1947), the […]

reyalpEleluku – Pretty Baby

No ratings yet. He claims it was hard to play, but he sure makes it look easy…. YouTube Channel: reyalpEleluku Please rate this Video Rating

Ukester Brown – Moonlight Bay

No ratings yet. Very interesting story about this video from Ukester Brown:  “Percy Wenrich and Edward Madden wrote this song in 1912. The chorus is certainly embedded in the American brain as a standard and I have included the forgotten verses. This song was requested by Kathy J. through my website suggestion form and she […]

LStrachey – How’d Ya Gonna Kept ‘Em Down on the Farm

No ratings yet. Yet another thumpin’ good ol’ tune from LStrachey…. YouTube Channel: LStrachey Please rate this Video Rating

Ukisociety – Don’t Bring LuLu

No ratings yet. That pocket uke is sure hard to resist…. YouTube Channel: Ukisociety Please rate this Video Rating

Ukulele Mike – For Me and My Gal

No ratings yet. Mike looks just too dapper in that straw hat…. YouTube Channel: MusicTeacher2010 Music and Lyrics: Please rate this Video Rating

Sleaford Ukulele Orchestra – Dr. Jazz

No ratings yet. It looks like fun is timeless in Sleaford…. YouTube Channel: sleafordukulele Please rate this Video Rating

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