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ackeim – Shake That Thing!

No ratings yet. Aaron, who sells some nice looking banjos over at Beansprout, makes this Charlie Jackson number swing.   Charlie Jackson:  YouTube Channel: ackeim Chords and Lyrics: Charlie Jackson Shake That Thing! Please rate this Video Rating

rawuke – Ukulele-Blues

No ratings yet. Still digging the blues on the uke…. YouTube Channel: rawuke eBook: Woodshed – How to Play Blues Ukulele eBook: Curt Sheller – A Guide to Blues Progressions for Ukulele A to Z Please rate this Video Rating

Jason Arimoto – Little Wing

No ratings yet. Masterful rendition of this Jimi Hendrix song… Jimi Hendrix:  YouTube Channel: jasonarimoto Chords and Lyrics: Jimi Hendrix Little Wing Chords and Lyrics – Ukulele Please rate this Video Rating

Neal Paisley – Gossip

No ratings yet. Bluesy fingerpicking with a nice swing… YouTube Channel: nealpaisley Tab: Neal Paisley Gossip – Ukulele Tip from Neal on playing the song: “It’s a pretty simple ‘A’ progression, easy once you get the right hand to cooperate.” Please rate this Video Rating

Lesson – E-Z 2 Play Ukulele Blues

No ratings yet. The blues are so much fun on a uke.   YouTube Channel: kd5txo Lyrics: George Thorogood – Bad to the Bone Please rate this Video Rating

RISA Uke Solid – Blues Shuffle

No ratings yet. The RISA Uke Solid is the one I have my eye on for when I go electric.  Note – if you are into learning the blues, check out Woodshed’s new book, How to Play Blues Ukulele. Please rate this Video Rating

Lesson – Blues Workshop 1

No ratings yet. This video had me up and playing a very sad, but personally satisfing, blues riff on my first day with the ukulele. Please rate this Video Rating

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