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K-Town Heroes & Dominator – Europa

No ratings yet. We had just posted an excellent version of this same song performed by Britti Paiva a few days ago, but we couldn’t resist this version where Dominator and Aldrine volley it back and forth like two master tennis pros…. Buy @ Amazon: Santana Buy @ Amazon: Herb Ohta Jr Buy @ Amazon: […]

Brittni Paiva – Europa

2.5/5 (2) Brittni, accompanied by Charles Michael Brotman, at the University of Puget Sound, Tacoma WA…. Buy @ Amazon: Brittni Paiva YouTube Channel: UkuleleBrit Tab: Santana / Herb Otha Jr Europa – by Dominator Please rate this Video Rating

The Kris Gilbert Band – Use Somebody

No ratings yet. Instead of the traditional scary video for Halloween, this year we have one that is just scary good – The Kris Gilbert Band with a mashup of this Kings of Leon song and one of their own, Chill Out…. Buy @ Amazon: Kings of Leon YouTube Channel: krisgilbert Chords and Lyrics: Kings […]

L’uke – Rebel Yell

No ratings yet. L’uke with a gutsy cover of another 80’s classic…. Buy @ Amazon: Billy Idol YouTube Channel: ukuleighties Chords and Lyrics: Billy Idol Rebel Yell – Ukulele Please rate this Video Rating

RussBuss415 – Spaceboy

No ratings yet. Russ rocking the great outdoors with this excellent Smashing Pumpkins cover…. Buy @ Amazon: Smashing Pumpkins YouTube Channel: RussBuss415 Chords and Lyrics: Smashing Pumpkins Spaceboy – Ukulele Please rate this Video Rating

Sam Love – Thunder Road

No ratings yet. With her understated performance, Sam (HelveticaUkes) Love makes this Springsteen song all the more potent…. Buy @ Amazon: Bruce Springsteen YouTube Channel: HelveticaUkes Chords and Lyrics: Bruce Springsteen Thunder Road – Ukulele PS: Thanks to UncleJeff64 for yet another get tip! Please rate this Video Rating

AdelleTheGreat – Time

No ratings yet. Of all of her great covers, this is my favorite…. Buy @ Amazon: Pink Floyd YouTube Channel: AdelleTheGreat Chords and Lyrics: Pink Floyd Time – Ukulele Please rate this Video Rating

Stingray Sam Trailer

No ratings yet. Thanks (or curses) to Woodshed for making me a fan of the best/worst movie ever made, The American Astronaut.  Imagine Eraserhead remade on the set of Plan 9 from Outer Space and turned into a rock-n-roll musical and you are about half way to where this thing goes.  The primary instrument listed […]

WS64 – Honey Pie

No ratings yet. The great ukulele soloist, WS64, with another well realized cover…. YouTube Channel: WS64 Please rate this Video Rating

Design Machine – Hello Mabel

0/5 (1) When Whitney has fun, we all have fun…. YouTube Channel: theDesingnmachine Chords and Lyrics: Bonzo Dog Band Hello Mabel Please rate this Video Rating

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