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Al “Woodshed” Wood – One Handed Ukulele

5/5 (1) Our new robot overlords may be able to beat us at Jeopardy, but could they ever even come up with the idea to try this…. YouTube Channel: Woodshed1 His Notes: Someone on on Yahoo Answers who doesn’t have use of their right hand asked if it was possible to play uke one-handed. So […]

Ken Middleton – The Faith

No ratings yet. I don’t know how Leonard feels, but as far as I am concerned, Ken is the official Cohen Uke Cover Man…. YouTube Channel: KenMiddletonUkulele His Notes: The penultimate song from “Dear Heather”, Cohen’s most recent studio album (2004). I am playing my Howlett tenor. Please rate this Video Rating

HelloUkulele – All My Little Words

No ratings yet. Happy Valentine’s Day to all…. YouTube Channel: helloukulele Her Notes: Where I play a song as quietly as possible. So it turns out that the secret to making YouTube videos is not to go out on a Saturday night. Who knew? Please rate this Video Rating

NajMeTender – Melancholy Hill

No ratings yet. Thanks to Jim Persky for the tip on this video…. YouTube Channel: NajMeTender Notes: I have a lot of time on my hands right now Please rate this Video Rating

TheJumpingFlea – Livin’ on a Prayer

No ratings yet. Impressive…. YouTube Channel: thejumpingflea His Notes: This is my rendition of Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer for solo ukulele. I hope you like it! This is sort of a rough draft, I’ll have a better video up soon. Please rate this Video Rating

KayBoovs – Animal

No ratings yet. Bravo…. YouTube Channel: KayBoovs Her Notes: Sickysicksick. This song is beautiful and makes me emotional. Please rate this Video Rating

The Big Things’ Kids – Dynamite

No ratings yet. Fun…. YouTube Channel: thingsBIGthe Web Site: Their Notes: My kids wanted to learn this song so I said okay. Everything you hear, bass, percussion, etc. is being produced by a ukulele played by one of my students. Yes, there is some heavy audio production going on. Please rate this Video Rating

Parker Coleman – Alone Again, Naturally

No ratings yet. Sweet instrumental…. YouTube Channel: jinfuuu Please rate this Video Rating

Olive Juice – Mad World

No ratings yet. I’ve been down there and the acoustics in that station are tough, but a great song and performance always shines…. YouTube Channel: olivejuiceband Their Notes: Olive Juice switches instruments while performing in SEPTA! Please rate this Video Rating

Poopy Lung Stuffing – Balloon Man

No ratings yet. Robyn is a god, and Poopy is just too much fun…. YouTube Channel: poopylungstuffing Her Notes: It is happening…..again…. ROBYN HITCHCOCK RAMPAGE…aiyeee!! Balloon Man is just a warmup song!! There are many other Robyn Hitchcock songs in the works, among other things… I guess my last Robyn Hitchcock rampage was a couple […]

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