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Jim Persky – Ukephoria

No ratings yet. Jim’s prog rock mini-epic…. YouTube Channel: uke4ia Please rate this Video Rating

4DJB25 – Sammy Loves You

No ratings yet. Outstanding original tune… YouTube Channel: 4DJB25 FaceBook: DeLondes-Music A section: C (with passing tones) G (with passing tones) B section: b minor, a minor, D4 Just sit right down and shut the hell up Open your mind … don’t be a schmuck There’s just something you can never see Because sometimes your […]

Michelle Blades – Hasti Kusuma

No ratings yet. Truly amazing talent…. YouTube Channel: michelleblades Please rate this Video Rating

BaronK69 – Angel from Montgomery

5/5 (1) Always a good day when there is a new Baron video…. YouTube Channel: BaronK69 Please rate this Video Rating

Jonsi – Go Do (Acoustic)

No ratings yet. Apparently, Jonsi hated doing live shows in record stores, so this one, shot at Origami Vinyl October 17, 2010, was sadly the first and last…. Vimeo: Please rate this Video Rating

Parker Coleman – Black Walnut Stomp

No ratings yet. Great original number from Parker, whose emails I regretfully have not been keeping up with (sorry!) YouTube Channel: jinfuuu Alternate Version 2: Alternate Version 3: Lord my friends are dead and gone and I won’t be here for long All the things I have seen, it’s like living in a […]

Douglas Frink – Round Midnight

No ratings yet. From his own arrangement for low G…. YouTube Channel: DouglasFrink Please rate this Video Rating

HeinBanjo12 – Black and Tan Fantasy

No ratings yet. Beautifully done…. YouTube Channel: heinbanjo12 Please rate this Video Rating

Uke & Tuba – Psycho Killer

No ratings yet. 2 Points = No Nonsense Band Name 2 Points = Song Choice 3 Points = Including Backup Dancers 4 Points = Enjoying it So Much That’s a solid 11 on the Spinal Tap Scale…. YouTube Channel: ericfrankenberg Please rate this Video Rating

HaileISela – Bittersweet Symphony (Reduex)

No ratings yet. Haile re-recorded this one to celebrate his 600th subscriber…. YouTube Channel: HaileISela Please rate this Video Rating

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