4DJB25 – Sammy Loves You

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Outstanding original tune…

YouTube Channel: 4DJB25

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A section: C (with passing tones) G (with passing tones)
B section: b minor, a minor, D4

Just sit right down and shut the hell up
Open your mind … don’t be a schmuck
There’s just something you can never see
Because sometimes your eyes will deceive

Sammy loves you. How she loves you
There’s nothing in this world she wouldn’t do for you
Make your coffee. Flip the TV on.
She’s just too afraid to tell you…

Of those nightmares while she’s sleeping

The song that you wrote is stuck in her head
She tries to pluck it out when you’re in bed
Up late at night when you’re sleeping with the door closed
Hoping one day you’ll show her how it goes

We’re all different kinds of machines,
We all have hopes and fears and dreams
Let your hardened heart realize
There’s no difference what we all feel inside.

Don’t be afraid to see her again
Yes, she’s a servant; she’s also your friend
She’s just a girl and you’re just a boy
Maybe someday there’ll be tears of joy.

Just sit right down and shut the hell up.

Song: (c) 2010 DJB Sundress Co.
Distro: [CC] By-SA-NC license. Some rights reserved.

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